It’s been fun! We’ll miss you!

Yes, today Windows XP was honorably discharged and thanked by a grateful world for it’s almost 13 years of service. It’s kept us sane where Windows ME (and maybe Vista) couldn’t. But, don’t be too sad, there are (and will be) many great operating systems to follow in it’s footsteps – with Windows 7 being the current front-runner.

As XP says “So long, folks…,” we would like to remind you that as Microsoft is no longer supporting XP, there will be no more security updates for it. So if your XP computer is your lifeline to the world, you may want to consider either upgrading to a newer operating system or getting a new computer altogether!

We offer basic systems that fit most needs OR we can build you your own CUSTOM system!

XP may be gone, but it doesn’t have to be the end of the world!

Adios, XP! Enjoy your retirement… You’ve earned it!!!

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